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Daemonic Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to Daemonic RPG- A custom map on Warcraft 3. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for fans of the game.

Version ChangesEdit

Version 4.44/4.45Edit

  • Fixed Glitches regarding Version 4.43
  • Read through some forums and fixed more glitches
  • Added more missing tool tips
  • Fixed some text.

Version 4.43Edit

  • Replaced Windows Vista with Windows 7, and then upgraded the map to new gen.
  • Changed the map size to the biggest to could possibly go.
  • Moved all dungeons and cave areas mainly to bottom of map.
  • With Regards to Dungeons you should not be able to get stuck. Some parts are tricky! So before you think its a glitch try it a couple of times.

Version 4.42Edit

  • Good Main Quest - Ramoria Under Attack is now fixed. The Princess can now be captured.
  • Ice Crown Dungeon Added to Ice Mountain
  • Black Citadel Dungeon Added.

(Check out the two new dungeons ive added, so far who will get nothing for killing the bosses. However i will continue to add more Dungeons and Prizes for completing them. I only rushed to get this version out because the Good Main Quest was bugged. )

Version 4.41Edit

  • Diablo now only drops Diablo's Soul on Good's Main Quest.
  • Fixed Orb of Evil Drop (returning to Good Side)

(glitch occured while solving the Multi form glitch with the orb of evil)

  • Alcolytes for becoming Diablo are now Invulernable and infernals will not destroy them

In the next couple of versions I will be adding on the Evil Main Quest, and trying to make some areas more dungeon like. Keep posted and thank you for waiting while i fixed the glitches and suggestions. Keep them coming!!!

Version 4.40Edit

  • Summoner CD on Summon Beast lowered
  • Main Quest "The Plan"

Hopefully Fixed....

  • Daemon(Evil) Dieing in Ramoria Fixed
  • Tool tips added to missing ones
  • Looked over forum and added whatever i could

Version 4.39Edit

  • Fixed alot of minor glitches and suggestions that will make the game better and more fair

Version: 4.37/ 4.38Edit

  • Fixes Death Knight Freezing
  • Summoner doesnt spawn Infernals...
  • Arena Surival and Fire Dodger are fixed
  • Arcane Mage Mana Shield is max lvl 40
  • Cannot Hold both God Set & Diablos
  • Finger of Death cannot Attack buildings.

Version 4.36Edit

  • Fixes Hydras on Summoner, along with a couple other things on the forum

Version 3.35 FixesEdit

  • You can now fuse Diablos Set, and you must now use Diablos set to become diablo.
  • Your Diablo Units can now have backpack to bring souls back into Hell.
  • Summoners Hydras are fixed with eternal damnation.
  • New Abilities on Death Knight
  • Diablo can be killed and it wont effect the Good Main Quest.
  • Summoners Ultimate Weapon, and Demon Hunters Weapon have been updated to better suit the Heroes Abilities.
  • I check the Forum alot and use that as a refence to what i need to work on... I barely get to test it myself anymore... When Glitches stop coming in at alarming rate, i will continue to expand on the Evil Main Quest, and try to make some Optional Dungeons, as these are what fans want to see the most.
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